Sunday, August 9, 2009

Journal from the Hiatus

First off, my apologies for the long delay in entries this summer. I am on somewhat of a self-imposed hiatus this summer due to my new employment. I am the restaurant manager at Bob-Lo Beach House & Grille on Bob-Lo Island (off the coast of Amherstburg) and the long hours have made attending musical performances or properly listen to CD's a virtual impossibility, so I've had to take a step back. When the restaurant's "season" expires in the Fall, I promise to back in full force, updating this Blog once again several times a week.

So what's up Windsor (and beyond)?

Some thoughts and comments on the summer I've missed so far...

1) I am truly saddened that I missed out on PhogPhest. Anyone that knows me well knows how much Windsor's local music scene means to me. It has been at times a frustrating lover, an intellectual whore, or a nursing shark. But I have loved being a part of it, on stage and on paper, every second of the way. When Phog won Best Live Music Venue on CBC Radio 3, there where few prouder than I. When Tom and I initially talked about who should play, I was ecstatic that Tom was on the same side as I that local talent should dominate the line-up. But my work obligations made attending the event impossible. The day I had been looking forward to since I first took up the fight for the scene had arrived and I wasn't able to attend. Bugger. It's taken me weeks now, but I'm finally able to look at pictures, read Blogs and watch videos of it. For those who were there, I hope you realize how special a moment you were a part of.

2) I missed some amazing shows and CD releases so far. I was able to catch the end of the Two For The Cascade CD Release (for As God Intended) and it was fantastic. I also managed to check out Charles Benn's CD release/going away party, which was a real gem that I wasn't expecting. I missed some glorious others, unfortunately. I would have killed to see Field Assembly's release show, or Yellow Wood's come-back show at The Room, or Ten Indians' 20th Anniversary Finale. I had also hoped to check out return of Woods of Ypres to the homelands, the CD release for This Is Me As A Woman, the reunion of Sewing With Nancie, the debut of The Magic Hall of Mirrors and many many other great shows, from both local faves and out of town delights. Again, I hope you all have been enjoying these shows that every local band has put on this summer. Remember that there are plenty of us out here that would LOVE to be there each and every night but cannot and we still support you.

3) Many people have been asking me what's up with me. This time last year I was in two bands: The Golden Hands Before God... and The Hung Jury. Now, seemingly I am in neither. Well, after taking several months off after a very busy three years as a Golden Hand, I have gotten together with some friends to make more music. On Saturday August 22nd, I will be on stage with the debut of my newest project, The Vaudevillianaires. It's a riff heavy loud rock band and I've managed to join up with some dudes that are a real joy to be around. I've been working with guitarist/co-vocalist Ted Dimoglou a lot lately (due to our day jobs) and it's been a thrill playing with someone whom I've admired musically all the way back to one of my earliest Windsor Scene heroes, Big Daddy A & The Merves. Joining Ted on guitar is Eddie James, who played in one of my other Windsor faves from years gone by, Hogfat. I'm reunited with my Golden Hands alumn Damien Zakoor on drums, who's always a pleasure to play with, and we're finalized with Damer's bandmate from The Tyres, Ken Jean, on bass (who was my favourite person in the Tyres movie, hands down). It's been a lot of fun and hope to see some peeps out at our unveiling. I'm also hoping to join back up with The Magic Hall of Mirrors when the work load tapers off. I was around when they started up but had to go on work leave for the summer. There you go. All caught up.

So thanks to everyone who made this Blog such a success during the first half of 2009 and who have asked me loads of questions about its disappearance since the "hiatus". Keep sending me CD's (I promise I'll catch up in the Fall) and I'll see you out in the clubs...

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